School of Visual Arts

New York, NY: Its Lower East Manhattan location puts The School of Visual Arts in the heart of all the action.Specializing in many aspects of art, it offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in advertising, animation,cartooning, computer art, film and video, fine arts, graphic design, illustration, interior design,photography, art education and art therapy.

What makes SVA different from other art schools isthat it is highly innovative and equipped with technology. The computer labs are numerous, with 200 IMacsin one location!

All the teachers are professionals working in their fields, which enables studentsto have current, accurate knowledge of the career they are pursuing.

The facilities are spread outover many streets and each building is surrounded by museums, theatres, restaurants and stores. The sixbuildings, spacious and old, are rich with history and architectural detail. Every room is fully equipped andeach senior is given his or her own studio space, very often open 24 hours.

Class sizes are smalland integrated; professors know students’ names and the atmosphere is casual. There are alwaysactivities, including SVA’s own radio station, magazine, clubs and frequent class trips.

Everythingyou need is nearby. Students’ work is displayed in galleries throughout the city. Career placement is a highpriority and internships are always available.

Campus life is diverse. The George Washingtondorms are located on the same block as the main building, with an elegant entrance, a doorman and 24-hoursecurity. The building was once a hotel and students are able to choose between a single or double room,each equipped with a refrigerator. In Gramercy Park, women have the opportunity to share an apartmentfor four, each with two bedrooms, a full bath and kitchen.

During my three-hour tour, I wasamazed by the freedom we were given. We saw classes in action and were able to interact withthe students; nothing went without explanation.

The School of Visual Arts iswonderful for anyone considering a career in design or art. It not only provides an education in art, but inthe life and culture of one of the world’s largest cities.

Reviewed in 2000