School Of Museum Of Fine Arts

Boston, MA: Portfolio Day at the School of Museum of Fine Arts was held the first week of October, 1991. I attended the event with my best friend, Bren, first popping into the Museum itself (located across the street from the school) to view the latest exhibits. (Students of the Museum school have an opportunity to exhibit in the Museum, quite an honor in my opinion.)

A half hour before the school was to open, a long line of students sporting portfolios materialized on the block. Bren and I obtained a spot and scanned the various types of people. Definitely my type of crowd, I thought as a guy with blue hair looked at me.

“These people are quite original; a lot like me. I guess art school is a place to express yourself,” I whispered to Bren.

Passing the huge rhino statue on the way in, Bren and I were handed brochures, buttons, and were greeted by friendly faculty ready to assist.

Looking around, I was immediately impressed with the school. The lounge is decorated with graffiti-etched tables; white metal staircases criss-cross overhead. The structure promotes spaciousness allowing one to relax; there’s even a small variety store located in the back of the lounge.

Portfolio Day was most exciting; I ran right over to the Museum School’s table and presented some of my best pieces to Jody, a Museum School representative.

She told me my strong points, weak points, and offered me suggestions on courses to take and techniques to try.

The “judges” are not there to butter a person up with false praise. They are providing a service to make aspiring artists aware of their potential and get them to set personal goals on becoming better artists.

When I was through, Bren and I explored some of the rooms and corridors of the school. I got an overall positive impression of the Museum School on Portfolio Day, and I’m looking forward to my interview.

The Museum School is the perfect place for an aspiring artist who wants to express himself or herself in a no-frills, unique atmosphere.

I recommend a visit! n

Reviewed in 1992