Salve Regina

Newport, R.I.: Salve Regina is an attractive college located in the well-known oceanside town of Newport, Rhode Island. I know the college well since it’s my mother’s alma mater and we often attend the school’s alumni weekends.

The beautiful seaside campus is made up of several converted mansions, estate homes and modern buildings. The most beautiful building on campus is Ochre Court, a large blue and white mansion that serves as an administration building.

There are both associate and bachelor degrees offered in the arts and sciences, but there are many more choices in the bachelor degree programs. Students at Salve are expected to participate in educational activities in the community, not just confine their learning to the campus.

There are plenty of housing options available. Students can choose dorms, restored mansions or apartments. The largest and most modern complex is Miley Hall, which houses 205 students as well as the student dining halls. The smallest residence is Seaview House, which has space for twenty students. All the college’s rooms are attractive and of adequate size. Some even have ocean views.

The most popular sport at Salve Regina is sailing. One might expect this, since Newport is the sailing and yachting capital of the world. On any nice day one can see students sailing in the waters off Salve’s cliff-side campus.

Newport is a quaint town for a college and is fun to explore. You can spend an afternoon browsing the town’s many shops, looking around the side streets or eating in one of the small restaurants. One can also take a tour of one of the town’s historic mansions, or take a bike ride down scenic Ocean Drive and walk along the beaches. If you spend too much time in Newport, however, you may go stir crazy. Many of the town’s residents drive to Providence to go shopping or catch some night life.

Salve Regina University is a good college for anyone who wants a small school with a relaxing atmosphere and good degree programs. I think that it is definitely worth looking into. n

Reviewed in 1991