Salem State College

Salem, MA: When I visited Salem State College, a guide named Julie enlightened me about the campus, athletics, academics and admissions process. Salem State, located north of Boston, has a very small campus, which means the academic buildings are all within easy walking distance. Salem’s professors are highly rated among those in New England.

Tuition is under $6,000 for Massachusetts residents, and under $12,000 for non-residents. The college is in a suburban area, but not too far from the city. Their sports offerings include everything from field hockey to volleyball, and are practiced at the O’Keefe Center.

Although tuition is low, nothing about the campus struck my interest. Salem is an average college with over 30 academic majors. If you have a GPA above 3.0, there are no minimum requirements for SAT scores. While making a list of colleges, consider including Salem State but visit to see for yourself. To learn more, see their website.

Reviewed in 2005