Saint Mary’s College

Notre Dame, IN: While visiting my brother at Notre Dame, Idecided to visit St. Mary’s, a women’s college. My first im-pression as I walkedthrough Le Mans Hall on the way to meet my admissions counselor was, Wow, I can’tbelieve how peaceful and quiet it is here! It was very different from the loud,fast-paced schools I had visited.

When I arrived I filled out a formabout my scholastic abilities and extracurricular activities. My counseloranswered all my questions about financial aid, extracurricular activities andcampus life. After a lengthy conversation, she invited my parents in to askquestions.

St. Mary’s treated my parents and me to lunch, though we hadto rush to the campus tour. My tour guide was a very nice sophomore who took usthrough almost every building on campus, in-cluding the dorms. I was verysurprised to see a chapel in every dorm. The final dorm I went to see wasMcCandless Hall, where my guide lives. This turned out to be my favorite becauseof the space each student has. On one side of the hall is the student’s veryspacious room and across is her “cubby hole” which is like an office.Here the student has her computer and other academic materials. While oneroommate is watching TV in the bedroom the other can study in the cubby hole.

I also liked St. Mary’s underground tunnel system; when the weather istoo cold, students don’t have to go outside. Since the campus is relativelysmall, the tour did not take too long. My guide gave me her email and phonenumber so that if I had any questions, I could reach her.

Overall, I wasvery pleased with St. Mary’s College. The scenery was fabulous and thetranquility of the campus perfectly suits my needs. Everyone was very nice andwilling to help. I felt really at home there.

Reviewed in 2000