Saint Anselm College

Manchester, NH: Saint Anselm, foundedin 1889, is America’s fourth best northern liberal artscollege according to U.S. News and World Report. The campus issmall, but expanding. A new football field has been addedrecently, along with new dormitory townhouses. The campus issurrounded by residential communities, and is convenient todowntown Manchester. Due to its small size, the campus has afriendly atmosphere.

St. Anselm is dedicated toproviding excellence in liberal arts education and offers aprocess that helps students lead more creative and generouslives. The curriculum not only opens students to knowledge andunderstanding, but prepares them for life choices. The schooloffers a variety of majors ranging from Nursing to Politics,including Economics and Business, English, Criminal Justice,Physics, Psychology and Chemistry. Class sizes are generallybetween 20 and 30 students and taught by professors; there areno teaching assistants.

There are many standards foradmission to St. Anselm. The college seeks a student body withdiverse racial and cultural backgrounds. Only studentsconsidered to have a capacity for academic achievement areaccepted. High school records, standardized test scores,extra-curricular activities, letters of recommendation andwritten essays are all necessary to apply.

Athletics isa major aspect of life at St. Anselm; most of the student bodytakes part in recreational activity. The college is a memberof the NCAA and ECAC. There are a number of men’s and women’svarsity sports. In addition to these teams there are also clubteams, funded by the student government, that compete withother colleges.

You will love life at St. Anselm.Besides a great education, you will have fun. You can enjoygreat food, good spirits and entertainment nightly at theon-campus coffee shop. Instead of going home to be withfamily, students can invite their parents and siblings toFamily Weekend, which is better than a vacation. You can enjoydelicious food in the cafeteria, take part in road races,games, etc, or see a performance at the Dana Center. If youwant an education from a top school and the experience of alifetime, consider St. Anselm College.