Sacred Heart

Fairfield, CT: Since Sacred Heart University just recently opened its doors to non-commuting students, it is currently basically unknown. What interested me was the possibility of playing soccer and qualifying for a scholarship. One day in April of last year, my family and I ventured to Fairfield, Connecticut to visit S.H.U.

I was somewhat disappointed with the campus which consisted of two buildings – the school and admissions. The fields, except for the baseball and softball fields, were bare. The new dorms were situated a mile or so from the campus. Despite the visual setback, I was impressed with my tour and tour guide. The faculty were all warm and found time to meet with me. The staff of S.H.U. has many hopes and dreams for the future of the college. Some of these include a new church, new dormitories on campus, and a new athletic facility. After being introduced to the plans for the college, I have no doubt that S.H.U. will become a popular choice for many college seekers. n

Reviewed in 1991