Sacred Heart

Fairfield, CT: Looking for a private, Catholic, co-ed, independent university? And does $14,000 commuter and $20,000 resident tuition seem within your financial reach? Then I strongly suggest selecting Sacred Heart University as one of your college choices.

I’ve been to this suburban campus several times and was thoroughly delighted with what I saw. While there I saw six new resident halls and the $17.5 million William H. Pitt Health and Rec. Center. I was stunned when I saw inside as well as out! In fact, when I saw the fitness facilities I rushed over to a girl on the treadmill and asked if a fee had to be paid to use the facilities. She politely replied, “Nope, it’s all included in the tuition.”

The machines are top of the line and as a volleyball player I was impressed and excited at the sight of the huge, four basketball court width/length gymnasium. The Pitt Center also has the following: three women’s and men’s locker rooms, a three-lane indoor track, aerobics, wres-tling, and fencing rooms.

Along with the info on the Pitt Center I also picked up many interesting facts. SHU offers 32 varsity and 10 junior varsity sports, as well as intramural sports. Sacred Heart has 70 campus organizations, and a student to teacher ratio of 17: 1. I also found out about the Student Mobile Computing Program which requires the purchase of a notebook computer. How convenient is that? Any student or teacher can be reached with the computing system. Missed a class? No problem, the teacher will upload the notes, and best of all it’s yours when you graduate!

However, every university tries to have a certain quality that distinguishes them above the rest. SHU has their Career Development Office. Their office placed over 300 full internships in 1997. And if you maintain a high enough G.P.A., you will be invited to a Senior Scholars Program. The program is a series of breakfasts held to introduce top students to management executives.

Don’t leave SHU out of your college search. For more information or an application, call the Office of Admissions at (203) 371-7980. f

Reviewed in 1998