Rutgers University

At this 2,000 acre college there is nearly 42,000 students enrolled in this school. I chose this school because the professors push the boundaries to make you learn more and more each day.

They offer more than 100 majors and is best known for philosophy. Rutgers atmosphere is awesome it has 5 campuses, on campus dinning, entertainment there is not a reason to leave campus.

The college avenue is known for as the city. They have a train station right off campus even bus station if you don’t have anything to do. One of their other campuses has a country feeling. It is very diverse and that is what I like most.

There are a lot of sports football to softball, wrestling to lacrosse there is a lot of women and men sports. There are also competitive clubs they play against other schools and leagues across the country. You can also Stay fit, take a break, and have fun with friends.

Rutgers is a great school but also for high school students who can’t decide what their ideal college campus would look like, Rutgers University may be the solution because of their diverse campuses.