Rutgers University

Camden, NJ: Set in a city, Rutgers has an enrollment of 3,700 undergraduates. With over 40 majors, the college is known for engineering and business accounting.

Rutgers is a commuter campus with half of first-year students living in college housing and fewer than 20 percent of undergraduates living on campus. The college is located a mile from Philadelphia. There are apartments for single students, coed housing, as well as housing for those with disabilities.

Rutgers has many sports: baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, handball, racquetball, rowing, soccer, softball, squash, and track and field. Lots of activities are available too, for example, you can get involved in radio stations, student government, drama, fraternities and sororities, literary magazines, and a newspaper. Another great feature of Rutgers is its fine arts center. And there are over 180 workstations on campus with computer access, located in dorms, libraries, computer labs, and student centers.

What I like about this college is the variety of majors, many of which interest me. I didn’t like that Rutgers doesn’t have any Division I sports teams, though.

This college is set apart because it is closer to my hometown than many. Another plus is that the tuition is the same if you live at home or on campus. It is also more expensive if you are from out-of-state.

I would recommend Rutgers to anyone who wants to major in business/accounting because there are many courses in this major. And there are even seven types of engineering majors. More than half the applicants are accepted, and more than 75 percent of the students return for sophomore year.

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