Rochester, NY: My family visited Rochester Institute of Technology because my brother planned to go into the computer field and RIT was known to be one of the best. I wanted to come along just in case; I plan to go into education, but am also interested in business, particularly management and accounting.

When we entered the parking lot and main building, the first thing I noticed was the size. I thought, Wow, this place is big! But then again, that was how I felt when I first arrived at my high school. Sure enough, when the campus tour began, I forgot about size and was drawn into the academics of the college.

RIT, like almost every other school, is one that doesn’t judge prospective students on the basis of physical characteristics. But, unlike others I’ve seen, this institute has a large percentage of hearing-impaired students, which I found interesting, and definitely a good point. I would suggest to those who would like to attend RIT, a basic knowledge of sign language should be acquired beforehand (or in courses at the school itself), so you can communicate.

Everyone at RIT is happy to help you with whatever you need, though we went during the summer, so not many students were around.

In the residence halls, the rooms aren’t exactly large, but according to students, they are fine because you’re not there that much. In addition, there are separate floors for people with different lifestyles. For example, I might choose to live on the “Wellness” floor, where people who believe that fitness, sleep, nourishing food and abstinence from drugs, alcohol or tobacco are important (that’s me!) live. There is a “intense study” floor and an International House that interested me as well.

Underground, joining all the residence halls, are corridors to keep students out of the elements. There are also underground corridors joining the academic buildings. This is a great addition to the campus that certainly isn’t common among New York state colleges.

The campus, though near a small town, resembles a city. My brother, who went back to visit while school was in session, noted that the campus was definitely crowded; “a zoo.” But that’s not too bad when you get used to it.

A co-op experience is required at some point in your college years, so you get a unique, well-rounded education that will help to land a good career opportunity.

The student advisors are friendly and helpful. RIT is a great place and would be a great choice for anyone interested in technology. f

Review by Suzie Hockenberry, Canandaigua, NY

Reviewed in 1997