Rhode Island School Of Design

Providence, RI: Over vacation, I decided to visit my first choice college, Rhode Island School of Design, also known as RISD. RISD is located in colonial Providence, Rhode Island, sharing a campus with Brown University. Being the number one art school in the country, I knew had a lot to live up to in order to be accepted.

Not only is RISD in the absolute nicest part of Providence, but it also contains many famous and historical sites. The campus has many houses which date back to colonial times. One houses The Providence Art Club (the second oldest, and one of the most famous art club in the country). RISD also has its own museum, which displays student art, and many famous artists the students study.

Although RISD has many majors, and courses to enroll in, it might not have a sport, or club of your interest. However, you can probably participate in these at Brown University; Brown and RISD students can cross-register for courses from the other school.

I found RISD most inspiring: the students seem very open-minded when it comes to art and show a wide range of artistic style, individuality and personality, which is evident in their work. All the students seem to be very motivated and excited with the work they present. Most important, the teachers and professors help students form and develop their own style of art, so no two pieces are alike. Of the art schools which have caught my interest, I’ve found RISD the most diverse, motivated, intercultural and open-minded art school in the country. I’m not afraid to recommend it to anyone with a passion for art. f

Reviewed in 1996