Review of Northeastern University

Boston, MA: Located in the heart of Boston, Northeastern University is definitely a city school. In most cases this means no freshly cut green quads with students playing frisbee, no guaranteed peace and quiet, and no strong community feel. Prospective students could easily overlook it based on the intimidation of living in such a big city. However, after visiting Northeastern I learned that it is definitely not a school to be overlooked.

Northeastern University is a “global, experiential, research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world” states the school’s website. On my tour, I learned about the school’s strong emphasis on global and diversified learning. The university offers learning opportunities with nearly 3,100 partners on seven continents, connecting students from over 100 different countries with the common goal of gaining knowledge. Northeastern’s Co-op (Cooperative Education) Program is one of the most popular programs at the school and is highly recommended. The program teaches students how to grow and gain understanding outside the classroom setting. While studying abroad, students experience being a part of the professional workforce and are faced with the responsibilities and pressures of the real world. Northeastern offers exceptional opportunities for its students, with the overarching goal of preparing undergraduates for life after college.

In addition to its learning opportunities, Northeastern has Division I sports teams; their very accomplished athletics program draws student athletes from across the country. The campus is on the larger side for a city school with 73 acres. The school has a modern feel with newly renovated research facilities. The campus is also slightly tucked away from the city, creating a community of sorts. It is considered a large school with around 20,000 total students enrolled. According to College Niche’s list of the “2017 Best Colleges in America,” Northeastern is rated #52. Based on the school’s well known reputation, admissions are very competitive, with only a 32% acceptance rate. Northeastern attracts students nationally, as well as from around the world.

By the end of my tour, the pros of going to a city school, such as Northeastern, seemed to outnumber the cons. Northeastern has so much to offer students, and the location can be easily turned into a positive aspect. The urban location connects students to the rest of the world and and provides them with many opportunities that traditional colleges cannot always offer. Northeastern truly epitomizes the experiences and opportunities everyone should have in college.