Review of Georgia Tech

Paige McKoy
Review on Georgia Tech
October 8, 2012

I chose Georgia Tech because I think it is a good school. It has a great background and I would like to go there but they don’t have my major. My major is nursing or law but they don’t have it. They have Pre-Law and classes that will help me get to become a nurse or a lawyer. Also, I would like to go to Georgia Tech because they are good at athletics. I love playing basketball and that’s what I would play if I went there.
If they had my major and I would consider going. I love the school, it’s a great school and they have a high graduation rate and job rate. I hope they consider getting my major by the time I become a senior, so if I wanted to go there I could without taking any different classes that would make my schooling longer than I have to. School is fun but you have to make it fun if it is not.
I want to attend college but I do not plan on going that far from my family. If they get my major I will definitely reconsider Georgia Tech. I love traveling but I think I will be a little homesick although they have a lot of things to do on campus to make you feel more like home.
Georgia Tech has an amazing campus and small class sizes. I really like the fact that they do because I know I could get easily distracted.