Lynchburg, VA: This past summer I visited Randolph Macon Women’sCollege in Virginia. In one day I got to see dorm rooms, classrooms, thecampus and many other things. They had the best dorm rooms of all thecolleges I’ve visited. They weren’t very small and were bright (whitewalls and big windows). The campus is beautiful. It looked just like thepicture in their brochure. Their buildings were in great condition andlooked like a great place to learn. There was also a gym, pool and thisgreat little cafeteria. Their lunch time was like a restaurant. Not tomention their snack place, fully loaded with sofas and comfortableplaces to relax. They seemed to have great academics and many majors tochoose from.

Everyone we met there said they loved it. In thebeginning of the day I didn’t want to have anything to do with theschool, but as the day went on, I really started loving it. I reallyhated it too because I left wanting to go there. The only reason Ididn’t like Randolph Macon is that it’s an all-women’s school. But italso is the best school I have seen and liked. If they could make melike the school, then I’m telling you it must be good. Everything I sawI couldn’t help but like. It all was so perfect and fun. So, if youdon’t mind the all-women’s thing, then I absolutely recommend thisschool. It was perfect in almost every way.

Reviewed in 1999