Hamden, CT: Would you like to attend a college that offers programs in liberalarts, business, law, and the sciences? How about a college that is in a sceniccountry setting yet only minutes from the heart of the city? If any ofthis appeals to you, Quinnipiac College just may be the school for you.Quinnipiac is situated in Hamden, Connecticut at the foot of Sleeping GiantMountain. Quinnipiac College offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees,as well as pre-professional programs to prepare the student for graduate study.The professors are wonderful; it is obvious that they care about their studentsand want them to succeed. There is a small student/faculty ratio (15: 1),and the average class size is 25.

There is also a wide variety of athleticteams, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, cross country, tennis, and manymore. If you are not interested in sports, there are also many different clubs.Cross country skiing, horseback riding and hiking are available onSleeping Giant’s numerous mountain trails.

Quinnipiac prides itself onhaving a very safe school. There are security officers in all of the buildingsand they are also available if you need to get to another area on thecampus. Other important items of notice are financial aid, food, and dormitories.The financial aid packages are usually very generous, and nearly 75% of thestudents receive assistance. Despite colleges’ notorious reputation forbad food and dorm rooms, Quinnipiac College is just the opposite. The “Q Cafe”serves terrific food and the dorm rooms were not like the tiny closets I hadenvisioned.

Reviewed in 1994