Quinnipiac College

Hamden, CT: Quinnipiac University covers 200 beautiful acres adjacent to Sleeping GiantMountain State Park. It has roughly 4,000 undergraduates and 1,000 graduatestudents, and just by looking, you can tell everything there is relatively new.The dorms are constantly being renovated, and they just built a brand-newathletic center with a raised track, new gym and indoor tennis courts whichdouble as basketball courts.

Quinnipiac boasts over 48 academic programs.Most students study health sciences (particularly physical therapy andoccupational therapy), mass communications and business. After Ed McMahon’sdaughter attended, he donated a communications center with state-of-the-artequipment. The university is rated in the top 100 on Yahoo’s “America’s MostWired Colleges.” All incoming freshmen must buy a Dell laptop from theschool so students are always connected to the Internet anywhere oncampus.

Quinnipiac is located only an hour and a half from New York andtwo and a half hours from Boston, so internships at major corporations andbusinesses are easy to come by. Just down the road from Quinnipiac is ESPN, whichoffers many internships.

No car at Quinnipiac? No problem. Quinnipiac hasa shuttle service around Hamden to New Haven. If you are looking to travelfarther, find a group of friends and take a bus. If there are five or more, thebus is free thanks to the Quinnipiac transportation system.

If you arelooking for a beautiful campus and a school that is moving forward, thenQuinnipiac is your school.

Reviewed in 2003