Hamden, CT: When I pulled up to Quinnipiac College, l immediately fell in love. To my left was the breath-taking Sleeping Giant Mountain, a Connecticut State Park and to the right was the incredible campus. I could not help imagining what it would be like to begin the fall of my freshman year there. The beautiful colors of the autumn leaves on the trees across the mountain would be a great welcome if this were to become my new home.

As I waited in the Admissions Office for the others in my group session to arrive, I glanced through the many brochures about the college. In “About Campus Living,” I was very surprised to discover that, although it was not recommended, students were allowed to bring their pets with them to live in their dorm room. This and other information I discovered in the pamphlets assured me that the atmosphere on campus was easy-going.

Although my tour guide didn’t have much of a personality, the more of the campus I saw, the more impressed I became. The campus was immaculate inside and out, and the grounds were perfectly manicured. Architecturally, the uniformity of all the buildings was pleasing.

Of course, like every other college I have visited, Quinnipiac is under construction, but once the scaffolding comes down, their brand new law school will be finished.

After the tour we returned to the admissions building where I met with a very friendly admissions counselor. When I mentioned a classmate who would be attending Quinnipiac in the fall, the counselor (to my amazement) immediately recognized his name, remembering what he was majoring in and what he looked like. This was definitely a positive aspect of going to a relatively small, quaint school like Quinnipiac. f

Reviewed in 1995