Purdue University

WestLafayette, IN: When I visited Purdue University I was amazed at the diversity ofits 38,565 students. Purdue offers more than enough opportunities to meet peoplefrom many races, cultures, ethnicities and religions. Purdue students come fromall 50 states and 130 countries to choose from 6,100 courses and more than 200specializations in its Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Associate degreeprograms. Purdue also offers 60 master and doctoral programs.

Purdue hasone of the finest athletic programs in the country. On weekends students cancheer for the nationally ranked basketball, baseball, football and volleyballteams. On campus there are a recreation sports center and the new Aquatic Centerso that students can stay in shape and avoid the freshman “15.” Purduealso has an intramural program for volleyball, tennis, bowling and basketball.The program is designed to provide competition and a fun-filledenvironment.

If a student isn’t interested in sports, there are 600student organizations. In recreational clubs a student can learn to scuba dive,fence or fish. There’s also the Purdue band and many musical organizations. If astudent enjoys helping others, service groups organize food drives and mentorchildren.

Purdue University is a public university and in-state tuitionfor one year is around $14,000. Out-of-state students pay an extra $10,000, butPurdue offers scholarships.

Reviewed in 2003