Providence College

Providence, RI: As my parents and I pulled onto the picturesque campus of Providence College, I immediately felt comfortable. The entire atmosphere drew me to the school and I could not wait to learn more about life there.

All the students I met at the information session and on the tour were very friendly and knowledgeable about the school. They discussed classes and course loads as well as sports and other activities. All freshmen are required to take a core curriculum, which allows students to begin with a common academic base. This program gives students a better understanding of subjects and how they relate to each other. From my perspective, Providence is a well-rounded school with something to offer all types. It has an array of courses and with so many to choose from, Providence attracts a diverse student population.

Not only are the academics outstanding, but so are the school’s many extra-curricular activities. Students can attend sports events for their NCAA Division I teams. In addition to sports, Providence also has many intramural sports including basketball, ice hockey, volleyball and even whiffle ball and dodge ball. Sports, however, are not the only activities here. Providence offers shopping and many restaurants, and day trips to Newport and the beach. Providence is also fairly close to Boston and only a few hours from New York. With so much to do, it seems impossible to be bored.

From my experience, Providence College’s entire atmosphere is comfortable and accepting. The faculty and students are welcoming and willing to help with any problems students might have. With so many activities and an excellent curriculum, I think Providence would be an excellent place to spend the next four years! Learn more on their website at

Reviewed in 2004