Providence College

Providence, RI: Providence College, located on the outskirts of the city with itsname, is an oasis from city life. P.C. is a very beautiful college with flourishing manicured gardens and luscious green grass.

The buildings are either white or gray stone. All the buildings on campus have a silver cross because Providence is a Catholic college. The majority of the student population is white, Irish and Catholic. The students do recognize that efforts are being made to create a more diverse learning and living environment.

The academics are rated very competitive by Barron’s Profile of American Colleges. P.C. requires an approximate SAT score of 1100. The admissions department accepts 50% of applicants (of which 1/5 enroll). The number of departments is standard, but the number of available courses in each major is impressive.

The athletics at Providence College are always competitive. There are nine male interscholastic sports, and the Lady Friars compete in 10 sports. There are also a great number of intramural activities for students to take advantage of.

In summary, Providence College has a combination of academically and athletically talented people who are all proud to be a part of the Friar Tradition. f

Reviewed in 1996