Plymouth State

Plymouth, MA: In late October, I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit Plymouth State College for their Open House day.

At 10: 30 everyone met in Boyd Hall, a large auditorium. There were about a hundred visitors. Five seniors sat in front and the audience asked several questions to get a comfortable feeling for the school. The admissions director spoke about financial aid and internship programs.

After the hour-long meeting, the large group split up and groups of twenty took tours with one of the seniors. We visited the nursery the students ran, the clock tower, one female dormitory (Mary Lion) and two coed dorms (Hall and Graften). We also had the opportunity to visit the bookstore and library. The library was large and the view from the top floor was incredible. You were able to see the whole campus and many surrounding mountains. I was also told that students receive free skiing privileges at Cannon Mountain.

The town of Plymouth has a very quiet and friendly atmosphere. It seemed as though people were interested in getting to know you and, with everything within walking distance, students don’t need a car.

All in all, my visit to Plymouth State College made me feel that it might be the right college for me. Seniors should take the time and visit; they won’t be disappointed. n

Reviewed in 1991