Pittsburg State U.

Pittsburg, KS: I’ve been going to Pittsburg State University for different reasons for many years. In elementary and junior high, we went there for music contests; now we attend their yearly English Festival. Its campus is small, making it easy to get from one class to another. The older buildings are always being renovated, with new buildings being built all the time.

P.S.U. offers a variety of classes and activities for all interests, including a large music department. With a big emphasis on sports, the school has an excellent football team, the P.S.U. Gorillas, and men’s and women’s basketball teams, as well as many other sports. Academically, P.S.U. has a great learning environment. Class sizes are small and the professors are friendly.

The dorms at Pittsburg are large. Most rooms house two people. Each floor has its own bathroom. Each room has two beds, two desks, and a large closet. Every room has a small refrigerator, and students may have a microwave, radio, and television.

P.S.U. has a very nice campus, with many trees and flowers. The campus is kept clean. There are many places to gather with friends including the Student Union, lounges in the dorms, and the dining hall. There are several places to eat including the dining hall, the U-club, and the Gorilla Crossing. There is also a large bookstore for all of your college needs.

The town of Pittsburg has many places to eat and shop. It isn’t really a big town but it isn’t too small either. There is a friendly environment about the place. I would recommend PSU to anyone looking for a small college with a lot to offer.

Reviewed in 1998