Pensacola Christian College ~ Go Eagles!

Last week, I had the privilege of spending a week on the beautiful campus of PCC in Pensacola. I was there attending a Teen Extreme camp with my youth group. We stayed in the women’s dorms all week. Although, we were there focused on camp, I had the chance to see nearly the entire campus. It was wonderful. The dorms were large, the food was amazing, the sports center was fantastic.

We’ll start with the dorms. The women’s dorms were great. They had two sets of bunk beds in each room. There were also two desks, two dressers and two bookshelves. There was also a large closet down one wall. There were four girls staying in ours and even with all of our stuff strung and strewn, it was still plenty spacious. The room also had an adjoining bathroom with the dorm next to us. The building that the rooms were located in had several other amenities, too. On the ground floor, there were about a half dozen piano practice rooms, with large, nice pianos, free to use anytime. There were laundry facilities and large lounges in the center of each floor. Also downstairs was an exercise room. Vending machines were available on each floor as well.

Next up, everyone’s favorite part, the food! PCC has the luxury of several cafeteria’s. Although, they can’t really be called cafeteria’s, since they are more like food courts. There are two food courts, and two restaurant-type places there on campus. The food courts are both included in your room and board for the year. The two restaurant places, The Palms Grille, and The Hut, both serve favorite foods at student-friendly prices. Continental and cooked meals and entrees are available in the food courts for all meals.

Next stop, the Sport’s Center! This place was my personal favorite. The sports center is a three-level complex with many great features. The downstairs level sports a water park, bowling, ice skating, the Eagle Shop, racquetball, “wally-ball”, pool, air hockey, and more. And who could forget, the country’s largest indoor rock-climbing wall? It’s pretty awesome to see. The second story houses the Arena, which is the basketball & volleyball stadium. It also contains the inline skating track. The third and final floor holds the 4 lane running track. Oh, and let’s not forget, the paintball field. Honestly, the Sport’s Center is one of those places you would have to see to believe, really.

Other than all of those amazing options, there are also several other things that we would be crazy to forget. One, is the classrooms. Large classrooms, teachers that care, and dozens of classes to choose from. Also, the auditorium, where they have daily chapel, is magnificent. With seating for over a thousand, it is an extremely impressive building. For the camp, there were well over 800 people in there, and there was still plenty of room for more. Finally, the cost. At only $7,996 per year, that includes tuition, room and board, it is the best value around. They also have plenty of different work study programs, that can cover nearly all of that cost.

I would advise any prospective college student to look into PCC. It’s definitely worth checking out. They have College Days every few months, where you can go stay in a dorm for a weekend, visit some classes, and check out all of the awesome facilities.