Penn State

University Park, PA: There are many high schoolstudents preparing for their years at college. With so many choices, howis one to know which one to attend? The answer is simple: PennsylvaniaState University. Penn State is located in University Park, which is abeautiful campus with a terrific college atmosphere.

PennsylvaniaState University offers four different degrees: associate’s,bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. Entrance into the Universityrequires three tests: the SAT I, the ACT and the TOEFL. The minimumscore acceptable on the TOEFL is a 550. Penn State offers a variety ofmajors, including business, engineering, education, health sciences andcommunications.

Penn State has numerous on-campus computers opento students. This academic benefit is extremely useful.

One ofthe issues that concerns teens and their families most is paying forcollege. Pennsylvania State minimizes this concern by offering very goodfinancial assistance. Approximately 53% of all undergraduates attendingPenn State receive financial aid, so don’t let money be an issue. Makeyour dreams come true and plan your future with Pennsylvania StateUniversity.

Reviewed in 1999