Penn State University

University Park, PA: I am beginning my college search as a sophomore and have set many criteria in picking the one that will best suit me. Not only am I looking for strong academics but a solid social aspect also. After all, four years of my life will be spent there.

I recently visited Penn State University, which has over 36,000 students. It offers many programs that will fit just about anyone. I have two fields of interest, culinary arts and physical education. In my college search, I look at what classes are offered in my areas and find out the teacher to student ratio. I feel that a student needs to feel comfortable with his or her studies since it will likely lead to a career. Location of classes is also important to me. Penn State tries to keep all classes within a certain area, which makes it easy to get around. They also offer bus transportation.

On-campus housing is available to all, with many new dorms having been built in the last few years. I found that the dorm rooms are a good size and you only need to bring a few items from home, which makes parents very happy. The dining programs are also very good. Not only can you eat at the hall but you can also go to many participating restaurants and use the menu programs there. The choices are unending, you are able to eat whatever you desire.

There is a wide range of social activities with clubs and organizations of interest to all, even museums that show off alumni’s accomplishments. Also available to students are the performing arts where students perform for the entire population. Located at the Bryce Jordan Center you can attend concerts; Dave Matthews and Tim McGraw were recent acts.

Penn State also offers a strong athletic tradition. Both men and women compete in Division I and as an athlete, I look forward to continuing my baseball career. All teams are very fortunate to be able to fly to other colleges for games.

Penn State offers a wide variety of choices. It has a unique learning environment as well as activities, athletics and housing opportunities. No matter who you are, Penn State students will thrive both academically and personally. As a student there, you are able to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Learn more on