Penn State Hazleton

Hazleton, PA: Nestled in the quaint mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania lies a satellite campus of one of the most famous universities in the world: Penn State. When most people hear Penn State, they think of the large, bustling campus at University Park that is home to more than 40,000 students. Penn State Hazleton is home to a much smaller 2,000 students, most of whom commute.

Hazleton is one of the 19 satellite campuses that Pennsylvania State University ­offers students. A satellite campus is a great way to be part of a large, famous university without the crazy hustle and bustle of a large population. Penn State Hazleton sits literally on a mountainside, with dorms at the bottom and classrooms at the top. Although it is much smaller than the main campus, it still offers the same 160 ­majors, which range from engineering and business to golf management and horticulture.

At Penn State Hazleton, students enjoy a large library with over 80,000 books, computer labs, digital commons locations, numerous sports facilities, and classrooms with the latest technologies. In the midst of this technology-geared campus, however, lies evidence of the area’s previous residents: a grand family mansion which now serves as the administration building and picturesque centerpiece of the campus.

Year-round, students are actively involved with the campus and the community. Numerous clubs and organizations help both the university and surrounding areas. No matter what your interest, you’ll find a club for it at Penn State.

For students looking to save a little money at college, Hazleton offers the option to commute from home or live in off-campus housing. Apartments are nearby in a variety of locations throughout Hazleton. Whether living on-campus or off, all students take advantage of campus facilities and enjoy university events.

After completing two years at Hazleton, most students move on to complete their degree at University Park. Penn State Hazleton is a great stepping-off point for those who want to begin college, but would like to ease into a university community. With a superb location, a wonderful faculty, and high-tech facilities, Penn State Hazleton is great choice for students of all backgrounds and interests. After all: WE ARE PENN STATE! To learn more, visit