Pace University

New York, NY: All I have ever dreamed of is becoming a sophisticated, hard-working businesswoman who owns a gorgeous apartment in downtown New York or the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As the end of senior year approached, I began to lay out a plan to achieve this goal. When I received my acceptance letter from Pace University, I was filled with excitement. I would be studying in the heart of New York City!

The moment I stepped through its doors, I vowed to set high expectations for myself, fulfill obligations to my fullest potential, and never fall short on any responsibilities I undertook. I learned that as a student, you do more than study and are challenged to experience more than the work assigned in the classroom.

Pace University offers many opportunities for advancement in its well-rounded learning environment. Pace has over 70 clubs and organizations geared toward expanding community service, education, and fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Greek life is amazing because all sororities and fraternities work together to provide students with examples of leadership and excellence.

Since the first day I walked the halls of Pace, I have made a point of using all the resources provided by the university. Pace offers programs to teach freshmen valuable skills including time management and how to prioritize our workload. My guidance counselor has given me priceless advice that has shaped my foundation for academic success. The library offers students access to many databases, provides research assistance, and also helps them develop skills for discovering new information and solving problems. The writing center and computer lab have become my new best friends. Printer? Who needs one when a student can run off many pages at the lab every week and it’s open 24 hours a day?

As a freshman, I was fortunate to live in Maria’s Tower located in the main building. This meant that I could show up to class in cozy pajamas on cold winter days. And whenever I was hungry or craved a snack, Cafe 101 was just an elevator ride away. Most schools cannot brag about their food but Pace can; it offers a great variety, whether you are looking to eat healthy or chow down on a juicy burger.

I consider Pace University a valuable asset for any young person striving for a good education and a future with endless opportunities. Pace is a place where I know I will develop the skills and qualifications necessary for my career. I know Pace will help me attain my goals.

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