Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma City, OK: When you can drive four hours to a strange place where you don’t know anyone and still feel at home, you know you’ve found the right college.

The atmosphere at Oklahoma City University is amazing! During my visit, every single faculty member and student I met made me feel like they wanted me to be at their school. A random student even came and sat with us in the cafeteria and started telling us about the school and answered our questions.

Usually I feel uncomfortable singing in an intimate situation for complete strangers, but none of the music professors made me feel nervous at all. The two classes I attended were amazing, and I was impressed by the rehearsal and the many students who came over to talk to us instead of taking their normal break.

OCU may be four hours away in another state, but it feels like home. Everyone should check it out – you’ll fall in love with it. Their website is: okcu.edu.