Oberlin, OH: I visited Oberlin College in mid-November for a weekend. The college is located in the small town of Oberlin, a 35-minute drive from Cleveland. The students informed me that Cleveland’s night life is great but very rarely do they have an urge to leave campus. They told me that Oberlin is a world in itself with more than enough to do both culturally and socially. After spending two nights on campus, I definitely agree.

The campus is very beautiful with plenty of grass and trees. The architecture of the buildings ranges from turn-of-the century, small, family-like buildings to larger, more modern structures. Most dorms are coed, but there are a number of program houses and student cooperatives. I was amazed at how clean the dorms were and at the number of student lounges (with kitchen facilities) in each dorm.

There are three dining halls at Oberlin, each of serving a different residential community. The variety and quality of food served really is exceptional.

The reason I visited Oberlin was to audition at Oberlin’s Conservatory of Music. This is where I spent most of my time, attending classes and student recitals. The enthusiasm of the students I encountered was very encouraging and the teachers I met throughout the course of the weekend were very kind and helpful. The facilities at the Conservatory are second to none, including recital halls, a gigantic music library, and a plethora of practice rooms always available for the students.

The most memorable aspect of my visit was one student’s junior violin recital. When I walked into the recital hall, it was packed with students. This gave me a very clear idea of the type of caring and support that the students give each other at Oberlin.n

Reviewed in 1990