Nyu: New York University

New York City, NY: At the end of August, I travelled to New York to visit NYU. My parents and I arrived at night in time to walk around NYU’s campus in Greenwich Village and to eat dinner in the heart of the village. I was told that I wouldn’t like Greenwich Village because of all of the “weird” people in Washington Square Park. I found Greenwich Village to be very quaint. Greenwich Village is just like an over-grown Harvard Square. The Village is full of restaurants and stores, each demonstrating their individuality. When I think of Greenwich Village, I think of the culture, not the crimes committed during the night at the Park. The crime rate in this section is very high, but all it takes is a little common sense and responsibility to survive at a city school.

I took a tour of this spread-out campus. The various buildings were situated around the perimeter of the Washington Square Park. The library has nine floors and over 1 million volumes, the largest library I have ever seen. The dorms are set up so that upperclassmen can live in brownstones, high-rise dorms, and a few other buildings near Fifth Avenue. The professors live in high-rise apartments near the athletic facilities which make them very accessible to students. The athletic facilities are a little out of the way from the general center of the campus.

The students at NYU have their own identity and individuality. The students set high goals for themselves because they have excellent facilities to improve their skills and receive the best in education.

Nobody from my high school has attended NYU in three years mainly because of concerns about the area in which the school is located. If law, medicine, or theater/fine arts is what interests you, NYU is the school for you.n

Reviewed in 1990