Notre Dame

South Bend, IN: The University of Notre Dame was founded by Father Edward Sorin(a Catholic priest) in 1842. Begun as a combination grade school and collegepreparatory school, Notre Dame has grown into an internationally respecteduniversity.

Notre Dame, a Roman Catholic institution consisting ofapproximately 8,000 undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students, isnestled in the vast cornfields of northwest Indiana. Because I have visited theuniversity several times, I have seen the great beauty of the 1,250-acre campusand felt the sense of awe as one strolls between its ivy-covered halls. Onecannot help but feel the pride and spirit of belonging that Notre Dame inspiresjust by viewing its campus.

Students have a choice of nearly 50 majorswithin the four colleges (Arts and Letters, Science, Engineering and BusinessAdministration). Some of the most popular majors are government and internationalrelations, accounting and preprofessional. The ratio of students to professors istwelve students for every professor. Approximately sixty-five percent of thestudent body receives some amount of financial aid.

The student life isranked among the best in the country. There are numerous intercollegiate sportsoffered for both men and women. Also, a large number of undergraduatesparticipate in intramural sports. Much of the school spirit is shown on autumnSaturdays, when the Fighting Irish football team takes the field and continuesits long line of tradition. In addition, the city of Chicago lies just acrossLake Michigan in Illinois (a two-hour drive).

Notre Dame focuses onpromoting the best for its students academically, spiritually and socially, andit strongly believes in keeping in close contact with its alumni. The studentsare extremely happy to attend the university. The pride instilled in each memberof its family can be seen in each face around campus. f

Notre Dame

Reviewed in 1998