Northeastern University

Boston, MA: Located in the heart of Boston, Northeastern University is a diverse schoolthat prides itself on its proximity to all Boston has to offer. Outside theclassroom, students have many opportunities for learning. Beginning sophomoreyear students can take part in the famous cooperative education program wherethey attend classes one semester and work at a company the other. Co-op studentsare paid and can work in Boston, the surrounding area, or anywhere in theworld.

Northeastern is composed of eight colleges: The College of Arts andSciences; Bouve College of Health Sciences; College of BusinessAdministration; College of Computer Science; College of Criminal Justice; Collegeof Engineering; School of Engineering Technology; and the School of GeneralStudies. Each specific school offers many majors and minors, and students caneven study abroad. The admissions process is standard.

Northeastern hassomething that will appeal to almost everyone, and its Boston location is a bigplus. If you are looking for a college with an active campus life, but alsofocused on the classroom and real-life experience, then you should addNortheastern University to your list.

Reviewed in 2002