Boston, MA: What do you want to be when you grow up? Where do you want to go to college? Where do you picture yourself in ten years? These are questions that almost all high school seniors are asked. Choosing a college is a very important, yet intimidating task. A lot of time and thought must go into it. I recently had the opportunity to visit Northeastern University in the heart of Boston. Northeastern has many wonderful attributes. Since the college is in Boston, there could never be a dull moment. Faneuil Hall, the Prudential Center, and Fenway Park are only a few of the places that a student might visit.

Northeastern itself has many things to offer. The dorms are not too small, and each room has a computer hook-up. Each dorm has its own dining hall, which is very convenient. You can get almost anywhere on campus within 5-10 minutes, since the university is not spread out. Also not far from the dorms is an athletic center, where you can swim, work out, run, or participate in a team sport.

For me, Northeastern’s biggest attraction is their co-op program. Northeastern is a five-year school, with co-op alternated with the semesters. Through co-op you pick a job in the field of your choice, work, and receive money for it. Not only can you get experience and decide what you like to do, you can get a head start in paying back tuition and loans.

Northeastern really impressed me and I would urge everyone to visit and see for yourself everything that it has to offer. f

Reviewed in 1996