Niagara University

Lewiston, NY: When people thinkof college, many think of parties, good times and new friendships. Not only iscollege a new beginning, but also the basis of the rest of your life. It’simportant to find the college that best fits your standards and personality. Whatyou put into the search process is what you will receive in thefuture.

It’s mind-boggling when all those college brochures come, but oncethe first step is taken, the whole process becomes easier.

Recently, myparents and I took a trip to Niagara University. Not only was I impressed by thissmall, private school, but my parents were as well. With its wide variety ofprograms and the surrounding environment, Niagara University is definitely aschool to look into.

Although it is small, the nearby cities of Buffaloand Toronto allow students to concentrate on schoolwork while getting a taste ofthe real world. If you are looking for a school with opportunities, Niagara hasplenty. Its beautiful campus and wide range of activities are just a few of itscomplementary qualities.

At Niagara, the close relationship betweenstudent and professor allows the student to succeed more than ever. Professorseven give out their home phone numbers and email addresses to make it convenientfor students to ask questions and discuss classwork. The small classes keepstudents focused on what is important. One-on-one attention is always nice whenthat huge term paper is due, and you don’t have a clue where tostart.

This dynamic school allows students to increase their knowledge inalmost any area at an affordable price. I highly recommend taking that first steptoward college by considering Niagara University.

Reviewed in 2000