New Hampshire College

Manchester, NH: The warm welcome that New Hampshire College extended to me during an open house on November 17th really made me feel at home. My four-hour stay was very informative and pleasant.

New Hampshire College has two campuses: North and South. The South campus is located in Manchester and contains the large athletic facility, which includes a gym, weight room and pool. The library, cafeteria, bookstore, “Pub,” computer rooms, career center and student “townhouses” are all located on the South campus. The North campus is located 5 miles away in Hookset and includes more freshman dorms, a cafeteria and the Culinary Arts facilities. The Culinary Arts facilities consist of just one kitchen, one bakeshop and one dining room.

Most freshmen live on the North campus. The dorms on the South campus are well organized two-person rooms with plenty of shelving. The student “townhouses” are for upper classmen, which are four-person “houses” with bedrooms and a living area.

New Hampshire College is known for its business program but it also offers a large and well known Hotel-Restaurant management course. Our tour guides were students who were sincerely friendly and helpful.

The only disappointments for me were NHC’s tiny culinary program and its feeling of isolation when staying at the North campus.

New Hampshire College is a small school with a positive feeling of unity and caring. They are very proud of their award-winning athletic teams and show it! n

Reviewed in 1991