My Visit to Catawba

My visit to Catawba was excellent. When I first got to the campus I didn’t think I was going to like it, because it didn’t seem like there was a lot going on, all I saw was a big bright green yard and a chapel. When we actually went inside of the campus I was shocked, there were actually hype students there, and that’s when my whole opinion changed. I started to actually look into the school, and all that they had to offer. They had a great library that could get you a book from anywhere in the United States, and I really liked that.

The college was very modern as far as the dorms, buildings, and cafeteria. One building actually had a game room in it. So that was one of the things I liked about Catawba. Also the college was very diverse in my opinion. There was a mix of different ethnicities, not just a certain ethnicity.

The people that we meet seemed very nice, respectful, and knowledgeable. For example our tour guide was very sweet, he had blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes, and he around six feet tall. He showed us around the campus, and unlike some school tour guides he actually knew what he was talking about. He talked about all the different majors the school had to offer, the extracurricular activities they had, and just fun thing they have on campus, like North Carolina night. So he definitely persuaded me to come there.

Even though I liked Catawba, there were also a few things I did not like. One was that they didn’t really talk about the teachers and their attitudes. Number two, some of the students would say things like, don’t come here, or it’s a trap, and that made we wonder if this was really the college for me. But other than those things I really liked the college. I believe that Catawba is definitely an option, and that I would be proud to represent Catawba.