My Ventura

The name of the college I went to this summer is called McDaniel College. McDaniel College is a small, beautiful and private selective liberal arts and sciences college in Westminster, Maryland, United States, located 112.4 miles from Delaware. Which takes two hours and nineteen minutes, or two hours and half.
This college was found in 1867 as the first co-ed college just south of Mason-Dixon Line. In 2002 the College changed names from Western Maryland College to McDaniel College in honor of alumnus and professor emeritus William Roberts McDaniel, class of 1880. The campus size is of 160 acres, and its tuition and fees are $36,960. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,650, with a gender distribution of 45.8 % male students and 54.2 percent female students. The 84% of the students live in college-owned, -operated, or affiliated housing and 16 % of students live off campus.
They offer course of study in more than 60 areas, including pre-professional programs and teaching certification. The most popular majors at McDaniel College are: Social Sciences; Business, management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Psychology; English Language and Literature/ Letters; and Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies.

The environment at McDaniel College is unique. You can go to church or walk around, and gaze the beautiful flowers, or places. Also you can eat, do exercises, sing, and play instruments at the gazebo, as well you can go to hang out near a huge rock, which is known as the peeing rock. You can go to study at the library which is very ample and quite, and have access to internet as well. You can go to watch a football game and there is no charge to get into the game, but you only have to pay $5 for stadium parking. They usually average 2,000 to 2,500 people a game and 4,000 to 5,000 at Homecoming, like Saturday’s contest. You can go to the concerts which are amazing!!! You can join the “Late Nights” also, which its purpose is to create a proactive environmental solution to the students that consume too much alcohol. So, the strategy is to provide free alcohol to them at late hours (10:00 pm to 1:00 am) so they can assume their responsibilities and learn how to create a safe and fun campus. Huh, what a great idea!

The campus is small but beautiful as I mentioned in the beginning. The architecture is amazing, the classrooms and the library are spacious. The place where the church is located, is called the Baker Chapel, but also some people called it the “Big Chapel”. This church is traditional with an antique style, but it’s well conserved and it feels magical in there. This college have normal apartments, and houses that are shared with 2 to 4 students, depending of the house and its size. The houses are gorgeous, I was astonished it had 2 complete bathrooms, 3 or 4 bedrooms, a big kitchen, dining room and a spacious leaving room, but how to forget the theater! The theater is small and old, and has a second floor which is make it looks like an amphitheater, but the coolest part is that it give you the sensation of being in those old times, where everything was black and white. All the sport fields are huge and in good maintenance. McDaniel College offers: Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field.

What I like about this college is that firstly is small and that means not spending too much time walking long distances, to one place to another. Second because is not too close or too far from Delaware. Third is a wonderful place, with talented, united, unforgettable and beautiful people. And when I say beautiful people, is not mainly because of their physical, it’s because of their personality, and that plus their physical makes it beyond beauty like my beautiful friends Summer, Monika and Jessica. Now going back to the point, is that McDaniel College include non-remedial tutoring, placement service, health insurance and health service. They also offer campus safety and security services like 24-hours, which is amazing. What I also like about this college is because of their languages courses like: Arabic, Latin, German, Spanish, French and others languages as well. Being that I super love learning and communicating in different languages. Another of the many things that I like is the huge field with the water sprinklers. Its summer time, and you feel super-hot.? Don’t worry! Go now, to the field, and take a refreshing shower with the water sprinklers. And finally what I also like was the amazing teachers, the desserts, the nights at the gazebo, the clubs, singing or dancing or also listening to poems that people will expose, and the convenience of having many restaurants, shopping centers or stores and sports places around the college.

On the other hand the only thing I didn’t like was the little portions of food, there was no day I could only eat one dish, I had to get 2 or 3 more dishes. I was so hungry, so hungry that one night I had noodles and I didn’t have any cutlery or chopsticks, so I had to use my paintbrush from watercolor classes. And the fact that sometimes or most of the times there is fast food, but honestly where is there not mostly fast food in high schools or colleges in North America? It really doesn’t surprise me.

Now what sets it apart from other colleges in my mind is the fact that at first I wanted to go to a prestigious college in Delaware, where there is a lot of people, but then I realize that while the classes are smaller the better it is. Because you pay more attention, you can feel more comfortable asking a question, you learn, create or improve your communication skills when talking to other people. And this leads to a positive thing like having the opportunity to build friendships, connections, and a community. It’s also easier to concentrate and you have the chance to receive more attention and help. So the way I see it, is that in contrast in large classes it is much easier to skip class, not pay attention or cheat. It’s just not the same.

Would I recommend other students to consider this college? Yes, why not? But firstly I will recommend to visit the college and get inform and check if what they really want is in this college or not before applying for it. As we all know, no matter in what college either the most prestigious or the most ordinary college there is always going to be the type of people that is snobby, the elusive one who seems cool or smart, the popular and the unpopular ones, the ones that will not like you, the ones that are ignorant, the wild animal, and alcoholic one, the super overachiever that join all the clubs, the intellectual who has a mathematically impossible GPA, that one roommate you spend the whole time, and later on get separate or so many others situations. Also I will like to add that some people that goes to this school says the school is great, the teachers are very helpful but that the education itself is not too challenging form them, some students says it’s perfectly fine for them, and others says that the education is very bad. So, it all depends of the person, their expectative, and their need to learn and challenge themselves more.
To conclude all I know is that the school doesn’t make the student, the student makes the school. Because the responsibility of the school is to teach the student, and the student is to take advantage of what the school teaches them. If the school offers education first, but students do not take advantage of it, they will have bad results in their exams and the school will remain as a school of low education or bad school, although in reality it is not.