My Mentor

For my Success Strategies assignment I chose to have a mentor. At first I was a little hesitant because I was not sure who would be assigned as my mentor; however, my experience ended up being a very good one. My mentors name was Dr. Mike Williams, and he is an American History Professor. Dr. Williams graduated from Purdue University which is where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in Physical Education. He eventually earned his Master’s and then his P.H.D in Social Studies. When I set up my first meeting, it was over email. During our first meeting he told me I could come to meet with him anytime during his office hours.

Dr. Williams told me that I was the one person that he has mentored that he had been able to provide the most information to, because we had so much in common. I found that interesting. This made me feel comfortable and from that we were able to talk about a lot of different things. He never judged anything that I said or asked him about. Everything that I asked about being a teacher, he was able to answer with a lot of good information. Dr. Williams supported all of my interests which I appreciated.

Dr. Williams gave me so much good advice that I cannot even remember some of it. He did give me advice about applying for teaching jobs. He told me that schools are always looking for a coach for a sport, and if they see that you have played football or other sports before, it helps because sometimes a school will hire you due to your experience with the sport and with teaching. Coaching also pays a little money.

Dr. Williams and I also discussed the parts of teaching that he does not like, and the parts of his job that he likes the most. His least favorite part of the job is grading papers. He also does not like it when his students act out. The part of the job that he likes the most is working with the students. He enjoys being a college professor and likes to help students get on the right track. His advice about being a college student was not to miss classes, and to keep up with assignments.

Dr. Williams advice to me was to complete my two year degree and transfer to a four year college to earn my Bachelors in Teaching. My plan is to graduate from Merritt Island High School with my high school diploma and my Associate in Arts degree. I then want to go into the military and complete my last two years of college. I have not decided if I am going to make the military my career and have teaching to fall back on, or just serve my time and make teaching my whole career.

I did not dislike anything thing about the experience. Everything about this was great. I learned so much about interdependence. I feel more confident being a high school student taking college courses because I learned that I could always get help if I am struggling in a class. This also made me feel more confident in talking with professors. I learned that they were students at one time just like we are, and everyone has the same anxieties about their future. I am excited about the next few semesters, and so far like the freedom and independence with being a high school student here at BCC. I would recommend new students who take this class to have a mentor. I am very pleased with Dr. Williams and very glad that he was assigned as my mentor. I plan to keep in contact with him, and hopefully I will have him as a professor one day.