Mt. Holyoke

South Hadley, MA: One Saturday in January, I visited Mount Holyoke College, which is an all women’s college in Western Massachusetts. It was the first women’s college in the United States and presently is one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country.

Mount Holyoke’s emphasis on the well-rounded woman has led to excellence in the classroom and in every other area of student life. Mount Holyoke produces winners who can hold their own in every aspect of today’s society – from the board room, to the court room, to the tack room.

Do not let the fact that this is an all women’s college turn you off. Mount Holyoke is surrounded by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst College and Hampshire College. With shuttles running frequently to these schools (and to Smith College), men are easily accessible. Also, due to the five college system, there are men in Mount Holyoke’s classrooms. Accordingly, Mount Holyoke’s women can attend classes at any of these colleges.

While on campus, I attended two classes. One was “Current Issues and Strategies in the Gulf” with Vincent Ferraro and the second was “Global Warming” led by Alan Werner. The class on the Middle East crisis intrigued me the most. Professor Ferraro presented the facts, explaining everything. Of course, with an issue as complicated as this, there is plenty of room for differences of opinion and debate. Professor Ferraro welcomed this and opened up the class to discussion, rather than lecturing. Needless to say, this is one of the aspects of Mount Holyoke that would draw me to it.

Another aspect of the college that I liked was the friendliness of the people. While at lunch (which was delicious), and throughout the day, everyone I encountered was genuinely kind and helpful.

I cannot talk about Mount Holyoke college without mentioning how beautiful it is. Being an older school in Western Massachusetts, it has the charm and elegance expected. The ivy-covered brick buildings, the walkways, the pond and the acres of snow covered fields created a feeling of warmth. Mount Holyoke is rightfully called one of the prettiest colleges in the Northeast.

I had a wonderful experience at Mount Holyoke College and would encourage any prospective student to take a look at this exciting school. n

Reviewed in 1991