=“To perceive exactly and to connect the things perceived logically is the work of the highest intelligence.” That’s why I want to go to this university. Imagine having to take care of seven brothers and have a career when you had a lot of things to do and had a lot on your mind. That was my mom’s situation when my grandma passed away. I’m just like my mom. Always trying to achieve as much as I can and by giving my all. I’m responsible on trying to always achieve my goals and going as far as I can. Like my parents, I’m a good person and I have a clean record on behavior. My mom became an accountant even though she had no one’s support and had to take care of all my uncles when she was only fifteen. It was really hard for her but she never quit and kept trying to make it as far as she could. I’m just like her we don’t quit and we always keep moving forward.

I’m really responsible and I’m nice with other people and I like to help them out on everything I can. My passion is helping people out and do something that will change their life that’s why I want to become a CRNA. A CRNA is an anesthesiologist they put people to sleep when the doctors are going to do a surgery on the patient. I know it’s going to take a long time to become this but I really don’t care I’m never going to quit my dream. If my mom was able to make her dream happen then why can’t I. my grandpa use to tell me all the struggles my mom went through.

“I remember when I told your mom’ stop with your education you don’t need it at all. Take care of the house and the kids, that way you don’t have to be worrying about your grades. If you keep studying it’s going to be on your own time and I can’t help you because I don’t have any time I have work. You’ll be on your own.”
My mom left to her room crying and said-
“I’m going to keep pursuing my education till I become what I want to be and I’m still going to take care of the kid’s dad why don’t you understand that!!!”
I’m just like her I never quit I never give my dreams up. There my dreams and only mine no one is going to have them come true except me. It’s up to me to have them come true. I want to make my parents really proud I’m a person that will like to make a change in this world for good and help everyone find their purpose in this world. Show people how to be responsible, responsibility is the main key to success.

I’m always doing the right thing and my record is always clean. I’m just like my parents they never get into trouble. For example, my parents don’t drink, smoke, have tattoos, use profanity or even go to parties. There the greatest example of my life I look up to them. That’s why I don’t drink or smoke or anything like that to be just like them. My mom achieved her goal even though her mom passed away when she was only fifteen years old she had to take care of her seven brothers and her dad was always working. I’m a really hard worker like to help people out in any way possible.

In conclusion I would like to be a part of this university. I can become someone big in the future. I will achieve my goals and try to change the world to be a better place. Help people be responsible. Teach them how there is a lot of people that have it really hard and they still make it so they should be able to make it to that they have more opportunities. That’s why I should go to this university.