Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Minneapolis, MN: The Minneapolis College of Art and Design offers a wide variety of opportunities to those interested in the art and design fields. Located right outside downtown Minneapolis, students can enjoy cultural hot spots such as the Walker Art Center, the legendary First Ave performance venue, and many other art and performance events and locations in the Twin Cities.

MCAD is home to an unusual degree: a B.S. in visualization. Indefinable from the title, this degree has a heart all its own. Unlike any other college program, this is a combination of art, development and process.

Right from the first day of classes, students work in teams with real clients. From the initial request to the design, to the programming and the delivery, students create all aspects of a project. By the end of freshman year, students in Vis have a client-based portfolio with projects including websites, interactive DVDs and print campaigns, just to name a few.

Unlike other programs, students learn through experience rather than just books. They jump right in and gain knowledge through trial aand error in a safe and comfortable environment.

In order to prepare for jobs, much of the work is done in teams, just like in the workplace. It is very unusual for graduating students to have team work/people skills, a strong project portfolio and an understanding of the entire process, but MCAD’s students get all these in this unique program!

The visualization program is small and caters to all types of students. Everyone is free (nay, required) to explore their artistic interests, whether it’s in design, advertising, painting, comic art, production, programming, management, or a combination of these, plus more!