Midland Lutheran

Fremont, NE: Visiting Midland Lutheran College wasan eye-opening experience for my parents and me. This was our firstcollege visit and we had no idea what to expect. Our first impressionwas Wow. We were amazed at how nice it was. The students that we passedon our tour smiled and made us feel very welcome. The tour guide showedus the whole campus which seemed like a small community where”everyone knows your name.”

We were able to have lunchwith a student. The cafeteria was immense and comfortable. There weremany options, from cereal to roast beef and noodles. Students seemedsatisfied when they left. The food servers were sociable and made usfeel at home. The student who joined us for lunch was very open inanswering my questions. She made me think Midland was the school for me,and gave a very positive impression of academics and campuslife.

Meeting the head journalism instructor was the highlight ofmy visit. I felt very mature talking to him. He made me comfortable, andwas open about the journalism field, and what I could expect if Iselected it as my major. He made me feel that my decision to attendMidland Lutheran College really mattered to him.

We also toured adorm room. It was small. I don’t see how college students can live inthose rooms for nine months. I suppose if you do your own decorating,it’s not bad.

Midland Lutheran College cares about students’futures, and makes families feel comfortable sending their child there.I highly recommend seeing Midland if you are looking for a small, safeand fun school.

Reviewed in 1998