Middlebury, VT: Middlebury College is located in a small, rural town in Vermont which is three hours from Boston and an hour from Burlington, VT. The campus consists of many large grey limestone and white marble buildings which are spaced apart, covering a large amount of land. From the center of the beautiful campus, you have spectacular views of the Adirondack and Green Mountains. Also on campus there are many great sport facilities including the ice rink, field house, ski slopes and golf course.

When I visited Middlebury, I noticed how friendly the students were and how much pride they took in their school. My tour guide, who was a sophomore, was well prepared and honest. She took us through the campus pointing out and giving facts about each building, and taking us into those we wanted to see. Along the way, we went through several different dorms, which were well kept and heard about some of her experiences at Middlebury. Some of the things she loves about her college include its balance between studies, sports and social life. She says that although the academics are very challenging and time-consuming, she always finds time to do the things she enjoys. She said the size of Middlebury was an asset for her. There are approximately 2,000 undergraduates, making it easy for her to get to know most of her class and many students in the other years.

Middlebury College is a great institution for those who like small schools, challenge themselves academically and do not mind the rural setting.

Reviewed in 1996