Miami University

Oxford, OH: Miami has one of the most beautifulcampuses in the country and gives you a private education at astate school price. Although Oxford is not a major city, itssmall size intrigued me – it’s a true college town.

Miami has many majors and minors to choose from.Almost every class is taught by a professor, not a graduateassistant. When students are not in class there are manyactivities. Miami is home to one of the best recreationalfacilities in the country. Their center has an indoor climbingwall, three pools, an indoor track, a two-floor weight roomand other facilities. There are also many groups clubs tojoin.

Almost everyone lives on campus, and Miami hasmany residence halls. Some have themes based on studentinterests. The dorms are very nice; each has phone andinternet access. There is also the MUnet with 80 cabletelevision channels.

Students get one of the besteducations in the country at Miami University. Class sizevaries, depending on the major. The School of Applied Sciencehas one of the best teacher-to-student ratios and jobplacement rates in the entire university. Overall, I was veryimpressed with every aspect of the school.

Reviewed in 1999