Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

Boston,MA: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, located in the centerof busy Boston, offers great hands-on education as well as small classes. Thisprivate school set me at ease, even though it was my first college visit. On mytour, I was able to meet with professors who taught everything from radiology toherbal medicine. I also met with admission counselors and students. Everyone wasfriendly and very helpful in answering my questions.

The campus offershousing, full access to professors, and many clubs and activities. While there, Ilearned that MCPHS is part of a network with Mass Art and Simmons College.Students are able to take classes at any of these colleges for credit. Thisprogram is a great opportunity if you want to take a specialized class outsideyour major. I also got to tour the labs, lecture halls and the large library.MCPHS is a great small private college if you are planning to major in a healthprofession.

Reviewed in 2002