Mass College Of Art

Boston, MA: I visited Massachusetts College of Art, in Boston, over my summer vacation and then again this fall. My first visit was for an interview. The admissions director took me on a basic tour of the campus and was very informative, answering any and all questions I had about this four-year college. I revisited the campus the following autumn to experience the college in action. The students were all very personable and willing to answer questions and give information about the classes. One girl gave me almost a half hour of her time to tell me about the fashion design program.

Mass College of Art’s studios are very functional. Each student is given studio space to expand upon creativity. I was also very impressed by the artists’ supplies that the college had to offer. With today’s growing demand for computer sciences, Mass Art has prepared itself well to educate its students in computer arts and communications. The fashion design department had several sewing machines and dress forms available for students’ use. There is a campus store for additional art supplies, as well as college memorabilia. The college’s professors stated that any materials not available at the school could easily be obtained in the area.

The dormitory at Mass Art is a large triangular building. It primarily serves students who live beyond a ten-mile radius of the college. Students living nearer will be considered for housing as space is available.

Mass College of Art has a very nice cafeteria and meal plans. They provide low calorie foods and spring water for health-conscious students and some delicious choices for those who like to splurge. The cafeteria also is caught up in the recycling craze and offers a recycling bin for empty cans and bottles.

Boston is definitely the happening place to be for developing artists. Mass College of Art is within walking distance to the Museum of Fine Arts. The MBTA provides easy transportation to many sections of this exciting city.

Mass College of Art is ranked on the same level as the Rhode Island School of Design, carrying many of the same courses. Mass Art even offers a semester exchange program with RISD.

The aspect that I liked most about Massachusetts College of Art was the people there. Everyone was very friendly and eager to share their experiences at the college. n

Reviewed in 1991