Poughkeepsie, NY: Marist is a small four-year college located on the outskirts of Poughkeepsie dedicated to providing students with the skills they will need to succeed in the working field.

Marist offers over 50 fields of study as well as eight pre-professional programs. With no lecture halls, the student/teacher ratio is 15: 1. Marist has a variety of internships available to students. Many who participate in these programs go on to work for those companies after they graduate.

Marist has a beautiful campus located in the Mid-Hudson River valley, and some of the dorms have a beautiful view of the Hudson River. Marist occupies 120 acres and is only 90 minutes from New York City.

Marist offers a variety of living situations. Freshman have separate residence halls, while upperclassmen can choose between residence halls, townhouses, garden-style apartments or a mid-rise residence hall overlooking the river.

There are many activities for students to participate in, on and off campus. Off campus, Marist students can travel to Poughkeepsie, where there are numerous clubs. Also, they can participate in many outdoor activities. With the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains nearby, there is plenty for students to do.

Marist offers eleven varsity sports. There are also intramural sports, and over 65 clubs and organizations. Marist students are also very involved in the community, and spend many hours doing community service.

The average annual cost for a student living at Marist is $19,870. I enjoyed my visit to the campus. I recommend anyone interested in attending Marist to visit, the campus really is beautiful. f

Reviewed in 1998