MacMurray College

Jacksonville, IL: Attention, college-bound students: for over 150 years,MacMurray College has been a college rich in leadership, tradition andvision.

With over 30 majors to choose from, MacMurray has a lot to offer.Residence halls are actually quite large and very well maintained. All thebuildings on campus are within walking distance.

The college is located inthe heart of Jacksonville, and the town provides a beautiful, safe setting. Thereare a few things to do in town, but major events are in Springfield, 20 minutesaway. Student life seems pretty exciting; MacMurray has more than 38 clubs andorganizations. One of the things that appeals to me is that there are no cuts onsports teams.

Tuition runs about $17,700 a year. Visiting MacMurray made avery big impression on me; the faculty and staff were the most friendly andhelpful of any I’ve met on college visits. During lunch, the staff had us sit atthe table with a professor of our intended major so we could get moreinformation. By the end of the day the staff knew me and my family by name, whichmade me realize I would rather go to a smaller school.

Reviewed in 2001