Loyola University

Loyola University was founded in Baltimore, MD. It is the first institution to bear the name of St. Ignatius of Loyola’s name. It is a Catholic University that is committed to the spiritual tradition of society of Jesus and education. The University tries to inspire students to lead,learn and serve in a diverse and changing the world, in hope to make a difference in this world. Loyola University is located in Baltimore, Maryland, Chicago, IL, in the suburban area. There are 4,104 undergraduate students enrolled At Loyola University. Incoming freshmen have the option to choose from more than 80 majors and more than 80 minors. Loyola University is known for its Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Social Sciences, Psychology, and Health Professions and Related Programs. Loyola University is ranking in the 2018 edition of the Best Colleges. Its tuition fee is $47,725.

Loyola University has seventeen sites on campus that include, Knott Humanities Center, Jenkins Hall, The Quad, Beatty Hall, Donnelly Science Center and Knott Hall, Alumni Memorial Chapel, The Bridge. The West Side Residence Halls, Newman TowersEast, and West…. All of the academic buildings are built on the Quad. The Quad is a popular gathering spot where students can study socialize and or play frisbee. At times professors will hold class when the weather is nice.

The Residence halls are a home for students of any class year, Loyola University offers apartment-style living for about 4 to 6 students. Hopkins Court is one of the first residence halls with 74 double rooms and shared baths. They have on sites laundry facilities which are available 24 hours a day. It included a beach volleyball court and a barbecue area.The Newman towers houses nine floors. The second floor of the West and East have a common lounge that is available for residents 24 hours a day and features couches, recliners and plasma TVs and pool tables.

Other students say that their experiences were very well and say that the staff is friendly and that they offer a huge varieties club and extracurricular activities. The environment is friendly, with a lake that is beautiful all year around. At times students feel isolated and feel like it’s hard to make friends at Loyola University. Some students say that the price is ridiculous and say that it isn’t worth the money to attend the University, but what would they expect from a private University? That it would be cheap? Well, it’s not like that at all. Most of the tuition money goes to the books, and all the things they are provided in the campus. Some of the clubs include; Cultural/ethnic clubs, Academic honors organizations, Media organizations, service/spiritual groups, Hobby/special Interest groups etc. Sports include; Basketball, Golf, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Soccer etc.

What i liked about Loyola University is that it offers more majors than some other Universities. I also like that it tries to inspire students to do better and to try and thrive in making a change, not only that but the sports, and clubs. I dislike that its tuition fee is higher than other schools, That some students drink alcohol and leave it on the floor, and the drug there are. The University sets apart from other colleges to me because I’ve been looking more into these college more than any other colleges because to me it offers more than other colleges or Universities out there. I would highly recommend this University to other students who want to thrive and learn, and are willing to make a change in the world, not only their community. The types of students who would be comfortable are the students who are taking honor classes, even CP classes people who not only put more than just effort to highschool but are putting more effort into doing something out of their comfort zone.